Our Contributors

Ben Fields

Ben Fields has served as the Horticulturist in the Research and Education Garden since November 2016. Before then, he was a Research Technician III in FRS, first at the Dempsey Farm and then at the Bledsoe Farm, where he oversaw all farming operations for research conducted at that site. Ben’s talents and expertise mesh with the mission of the Garden. That facility is a unique blend of active research and educational outreach to landscape professionals, gardeners, and other clientele. And, Ben effectively balances the various duties of his position to ensure that the needs of researchers are met, the aesthetic beauty of the Garden changes with the seasons and is continually improved, and the learning environment and opportunities are ever-present and are of top quality.

Wayne Gardner

Wayne A. Gardner is a Professor of Entomology with UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  He has served as Program Coordinator for the UGA Research and Education Garden since 1998.